17 Mar

Here is a breakdown of what buyers are looking for when searching for a house in 2023. Based on research and data this is the most popular and sought after features that are important to today's buyers.

87% of buyers want a Laundry Room

Tips: Paint, decor, add shelving and space for folding, a clothes rack, and ironing board

87% of buyers want Exterior Lighting

Tips: Landscaping lights, motion and security lighting, string lights, and spot lights. Lighting adds massive value to the home in terms of security and curb appeal. 

83% of buyers want Ceiling Fans

Surprised? 83% of buyers chose ceiling fans as a feature over hundreds of others, so don't count them out just yet! A possible alternative could be a light fixture that looks like a chandelier but include the functionality of a ceiling fan. They're growing quickly in popularity and could be a highlight to help sell your home.


82% of buyers want a Patio

Homebuyers are looking for a place to sit outside, drink coffee, entertain guests, or a place to watch kids run and play. If you want to increase the value of your home, building a patio should be high on your priority list. 

80% of buyers want ENERGY Efficient Windows, Lighting, and Appliances

A home with ENERGY STAR features is a money saver for homeowners, so it's pretty obvious why this is something buyers look for. 

81% of buyers want a Side-by-Side Kitchen Sink

Large farmhouse sinks have been a popular item, but it doesn't mean that it's what buyers actually want. Always look at the facts when you're evaluating what improvements will sell your home, and side-by-side sinks were rated as one of the top features homebuyers want--Functionality. 

81% of buyers want a Walk-in Pantry

Storage, storage, storage. I can't emphasize enough how valuable a large pantry is to homeowners, especially those with families. If your home wasn't built with one, it may be a challenge to add one to your kitchen, but you can designate a space for pantry items so buyers can see how to maximize kitchen storage, since it is a priority to them. 

81% of buyers want a Front Porch

Front porches have returned in popularity, and likely because they add functionality, design, and curb appeal to a home.  

81% of buyers want Hardwood Floors in the Living Areas

Years ago, carpet was the most-desired floor type. Today the majority of homebuyers want hardwood flooring in living areas, and having the same flooring in multiple rooms is another benefit. Some prefer the real hardwood floors and others prefer flooring that looks like real wood without the maintenance. Either way, wood floors is a great investment to likely have a return on investment. 

Written by: Tonya Slone 

March 2023

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